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White Clean Magazine Free Blogger Template

Downlodad Gratis White Clean Magazine, Template ini cocok untuk semua blog, karena desain yang simpel tetapi elegant.


Magazine Template

White clean magazine, my another blogger template. Designed simple, clean, and of course ads ready. 3 columns layout maximize your advertisement place.

Installation Setting

Please, read all installation setting before ask.

White Clean Magazine Layout

Header Title Setting

You can change header text to image

  • Click edit, on header left gadget

  • Upload your own image

  • Choose "instead of text"

  • Save

Header Right

You can put your 468x15 banner ads here. Click on HTML gadget, paste your code

Navigation Menu

This navigation menu using Label gadget. Edit Label gadget, leave title empty and remove tick mark on Show number of posts per label. Navigation menu filled by post label/category automatically . You can customize which label that shown up.

You also can use LinkList gadget instead of Label Gadget, so you can put your own link.

How to?

  • Open Page Element

  • Delete Label gadget on navigation menu layout

  • Add LinkList gadget (you can use Add a Gadget from sidebar) drag new LinkList gadget to Navigation Menu Layout. Drag it under date

  • Save


Click on Search Gadget, copy paste these code, then save.

<div id="search"> <form id="searchform" action="/search" method="get"> <input id="s" value="" name="q" type="text"/> <input id="searchsubmit" value="Search" type="submit"/> </form>


Dont want to use search menu? Simply click remove button and you can use default search blogger gadget, or adsense for search

125x125 Ads Banner

Click on ads banner gadget, copy paste these code

<div id="adspot">

<!-- Ad1 start -->

<a class="ad1" href=""><img src=""/></a>

<!-- Ad2 start -->

<a class="ad2" href=""><img src=""/></a>

<!-- Ad3 start -->

<a class="ad3" href=""><img src=""/></a>

<!-- Ad4 start -->

<a class="ad4" href=""><img src=""/></a>

<div class="clearer">


Change to your URL, and"><img src=" to your image URL

Share Gadget

Click on Share gadget, copy paste these code

<div class="sexy-bookmarks">

<ul class="socials">

<li class="sexy-delicious"><a href="" target="_blank"/></a></li>

<li class="sexy-digg"><a href="" target="_blank"/></a></li>

<li class="sexy-facebook"><a href="" target="_blank"/></a></li>

<li class="sexy-twitter"><a href="" target="_blank"/></a></li>

<li class="sexy-syndicate"><a href="" title="Subscribe to RSS"/></a></li>


<span class="sexy-rightside"/></span></div>

White Clean Magazine is blogger template, 3 Columns, White, Gray, Fixed width, Right and Left sidebar
Anda baru saja membaca artikel yang berkategori 3 Columns / Ads Ready / Business / Magazine / White dengan judul White Clean Magazine Free Blogger Template. Anda bisa bookmark halaman ini dengan URL Terima kasih!
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  1. Nice template, but I found blog so unique template, where I can get this template, any suggestion?